7 Reasons Why Quitting My Job To Move To LA Was A Smart Career Move

Have you ever felt like you had the best job in the world, you were at the top of your game.. but you STILL felt complacent? I totally understand, that's why I quit my AWESOME job in Chicago to move to LA last year.

Let's rewind a bit for some back story. So here I am a Junior student at Columbia College Chicago in the Radio department. I'm a non paid intern on the Radio station that later gave me my on air & first job in the business. Columbia is a super artsy school full of creatives, so it made sense that we had this program called Semester in LA where you can study your craft for one semester, in LA for school credit. It's the third largest city of media, uhmm of course I want to move to either LA or New York after I graduate!

Believe it or not, New York was actually at the top of my list before I decided LA would be the move.. Anyway, I got hired as an on air personality that next year, but I was still in school so taking off to LA for a semester to "possibly" have my job when I got back at one of the largest radio stations in the country was simply ludicrous. So my opportunity came and went. I spent the next 2.5 years of my life, appreciating this once in a life time opportunity, proud of myself and all of the dynamic waves I was making in Chicago. But honestly a part of me was secretly wishing I could pinch myself and this was all a dream and I woke up to sun and palm trees smacking me in the face at roughly 75 degrees in the middle of the winter. (run on sentence but it felt like a good flow, so I ran with it lol.)

Listen guys, the fact of the matter is that no matter how hard you work, no matter how much you research (and my research was extensive,) nothing will FULLY prepare you for what this LA life has to offer. The only thing I stress that MUST be in place, and I can dive in more in another post, is money and some type of solid situation, so you can touch down and make moves ASAP.

People told me LA was hard before I moved but I had to drop everything and just do it, to fully understand what they meant? With all of that being said, there has not been one moment where I have questioned my decision to quit my job or move across the country. I have to hustle 10x harder but in the end, I know the result will be 10x greater.

If you are on the edge and want to do something similar, here are 10 reasons why quitting my job to move to LA was a good career move:

1. I focus more on my long term fulfillment now: Like seriously, who wants to be an unhappy adult? I started to ask myself, how would I feel in 5 years from now if I didn't go? Honestly I would hate my self. What ate me up the most was the thought of some one else less talented than me, getting my job simply because they were not afraid of what people were going to think. So I had to do it. I didn't want another 5 years to pass and still wonder "what if."

2. My hustle is on another level: See I thought I knew how to hustle in Chicago. I really thought I was "grinding' but no. In LA you GRIND IT OUT. There are thousands of people who do exactly what you do and want the same position as you, AND can do it just as good as you. I'm sure right now you can look on TV or whereever, and see someone performing, who you'd feel you could be better suited for the job. So it is not always about talent, what separates you from others is how hard you work for what you want.

3. I figured out what I REALLY want to do: I went to school for TV at Eastern Illinois, then I fell in love with radio, so I ended up on the radio. Then the next 7 years ended up being about Radio, when I went to school to TV. Yes it is totally fine ti change your path, I wanted to be a forensic scientist when I first went to college, so yea major switch up! In Chicago I was kinda a jack of all trades if you will. Radio, artist, entrepreneur, host, speaker. In LA because there is so much competition, you have to focus on one thing and let the success of that open doors for other endeavors.

4. You don't have obligations. Yet: Before I moved, I had no contractual obligations, no boyfriend, no ring so buh bye!

5. I reinvented myself. This is actually a part of my process that is still in the works. I am still under construction BUT I can tell you that since I moved I have been able to start reinventing myself. I am not the same person I was in Chicago. I've done this by

  • Finding my purpose

  • Finding out exactly what I wanted to do

  • Going after my passion

  • Not being afraid of what others will think

6. I've inspired SO many people. I've found my purpose. It is to inspire. I was the youngest personality ever on the radio station, I got my job before graduating college. I inspired the other students in the Radio department, I inspired others who wanted to go into radio. So I realized that I needed to continue to inspire. Just like I wanted to move to LA, I'm sure there are thousands of people who want to move as well. So I knew that me testing the water for those afraid would inspire, and it has.

7. I got comfortable outside of my comfort zone. I was so comfortable as a top radio personality in Chicago, had all of my friends and family a few minutes away. I could get into any club I wanted to, I was hosting shows every week, life was good. What else could I need right? Everyone assumed that I would be able to transfer to another radio station in LA, BUT NAH! When you move here unless you are moving here for a position, you are starting at ground zero. So in this last year, I have had some ups and downs and I've gotten comfortable being uncomfortable.

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