Get It Done: Quick Guide To Multitasking & Tips To Stay Focused To Own Your Mornings!

As an entrepreneur, there are a million thoughts that cross your mind, a minute. For me I am a morning person, so I love to get things done in the morning, when I am feeling the most creative. But it doesn't help me if I am up early and I want to do a million things #counterproductive. 3 things are very important to your productivity:

  • 1. Define goals

  • 2. Designate time

  • 3. Stay focused

But How Sway? Sounds so much easier than done right? It's like I wake up with good intentions, I want to go to the gym, I want to knock out everything on my list, I want to be great! But the devil. You sit at the desk and starting working, then an alert comes from someone on snapchat, or a Facebook inbox message, then it all goes out the window. Have you ever felt like your brain doesn't want to focus, like your brain only wants to be on Instagram? I know the feeling.

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So, I had to start owning my mornings, and not let them own me. Here are a few tips to Slay Your Day And Stay Focused:

1. Plan the night before: Yep! Just like how you plan out your outfit, before you go to sleep, write down a few things you want to accomplish the next day so that you can know what needs to be done. Then we you wake up and you start checking things off the list.

2. Do creative work first: once you have that list of things, then you want to do the most daunting task first. Whether it be creating your website, redesigning your resume, start working on that first! Get the big dogs out of the way, so the day gets easier, not harder. P.S. I just bought this new book called Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time, it's only $9 bucks on Amazon. Everyone has been raving about how it's a game changer!

3. Allocate your time deliberately: this is super important. Along with doing the creative and most challenging work first, when it comes to other tasks, you have to know where to put your time. What's most important? What has a deadline? What can wait another day?

4. Plan social media breaks: I added this because social media is so important to our lives theses days and getting offline all together is simply crazy. So, I started giving myself a social media break AFTER I get work done. It's a give and take, finish a blog post, THEN hit the gram! Just like you reward babies who eat their veggies. I don't know about you but I can stay on social media for an hour just scrolling. If you're trying to take over the world, you don't have an hour to be on social media, must stay productive!

5. Have a checklist: lists run my life. I have a list for everything, for every day, every week, month up until 2020.I have these lists BECAUSE I'm so absent minded and I know that I will forget or put off something important because another great idea comes along. So, I use the weekly "Unfinished Business" checklist in Slay365, so that every week of the year I can look back and see what was undone. The key to this is to also check things off the list so that you can track your progress and what what you HAVE gotten done.

xx Demi

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