Happiness Hack: Applying Demi's "Track Your Wins" Practice.. Daily!

For some strange reason, we tend to think that material things like new technology and toys, new bags, and shoes will be what KEEP us happy long term. But that is the exact opposite.

The way to truly stay happy, is to CHOOSE happiness. You have to CREATE the world you want around you, in order to wake up feeling grateful and positive on a daily basis. It's bad enough we have our day jobs, personal relationships and Teyana Taylor fitness goals to maintain, remaining happy shouldn't be something you have to WORK at.

In my Power Planner/WERKbook "Slay 365" there is a new practice I created called #TrackYourWins.

It is the last 20 or so pages of my book and I got the inspiration from an acting class I was in. In the Dustin Felder Actors Studio, to start the class every day we would name one good thing that happened that week, because we only met once a week. I know for me it was helpful because we are setting goals, trying to reach them and you look up and you've only focused on that HAS'NT happened, versus the small things that have occurred. Life is about balance and you can't have balance only stressing the negative, throw some good thoughts on top!

Let me tell you 10 benefits of ending or starting your day with gratitude and simply writing down at least one good thing that happens.

1. People who are grateful tend to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled

2. Being grateful can help cope with stress

3. You're pretty busy and you just might forget that you were totally awesome this week, because you haven't stopped focusing on what isn't done.

4. By writing down one small action that happened, it might ignite a new idea for tomorrow

5. If you continue to focus on the good, it will be a constant reminder of what to focus on

6. It will clear your thinking, and force you to have positive thoughts at least a few minutes a day

7. It will start to develop your long term goals

8. You will learn to express yourself and your feelings

9. You will be grateful for even the small victories, like making your bed or finishing your To-Do list

10. Most importantly is will help you build memories, so you can look back on the week and be amazed at allllll of the great things YOU made happen this week.

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#goals #wins

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