Rapper Big Vibe: From Homeless To Making Boss Moves In Hollywood

Chicago native 'Big Vibe' recently released his 9 song, debut project "Born King." Currently in quarantine near Calabasas Big Vibe says that quarantine has only made him more focused,

"Well the quarantine didn't really change a lot, but it just got us more focused, it just set a couple things back a far as releases, but we back on track with that, we're really head of the game, I prepared for the whole 2020 and 2019. It was just some slight obstacles but we were already prepared for this entire year so, me and my team just made it happen."

The young CEO who created his own label called "Born King" says that he starting selling cable at the age of 18, and says California had been calling his name for a while. Before he landed in Los Angeles, he made a stop in Atlanta, living there for a year, which is the place that inspired his musical journey.

"That's were [Atlanta] I decided that I wanted to do music, I just came back to Chicago, and presented it to everybody."

Big Vibe, former Dollar Trump, talked about what made him decide to change his name to Big Vibe from Dollar Trump,

"I had to rebrand for obvious reasons, all of my friends know me as Dollar. When I first came to California everybody knew me a "Dollar." I got that name from money and being in business way beyond music, I just took it and made it into music. I just didn't feel like, with the things I went through, that I was that person anymore"

Big Vibe, who moved to California with zero friends in the state, says he got to a point in his journey where he found himself homeless in LA,

"When I moved to California I went homeless, sleeping in a tent for like 8 months. Washing up at 24 hour fitnesses, and just working out and going through the journeys of California. By the time I got on my feet, I got to a place where I wanted to do music again, I didn't feel like I was a Dollar Trump, so I rebranded. The name in itself is kinda crazy, and the environment"

Now a California resident, Big Vibe has his first project done, with so much more in the works. When asked how did he select the songs for his project, because every song has single potential he replied,

"I've got a lot of songs recorded, I would say it's about 100 songs made first, I'm calculating distributing, those songs were bangers because those songs were tested, and packaged together to go boom! That's how every song is a banger. That's the team for you, they don't let you just put anything out there."

Be on the look out for the Deluxe version of "Born Kings" and lots off music videos on the way from Big Vibe!

Check out the visual to his song "Blood Sweat and Tears below:

Follow Big Vibe on Iintsagram: @therealbigvibe, Twitter: @bigvibemusic, and Tik Tok @Bigvibemusic.

His mixtape “Born King” is available on all digital platforms.

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